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better teams

When a team - particularly a leadership team - does not function effectively, the impact in an organization (and on the team members) can be devastating. I am a catalyst for creating high-performance, low-drama work Cultures.

better meetings

2017 research shows $37 Billion in lost productivity annually because of bad meetings. I facilitate engaging workshops and meaningful experiences for organizations, as well as help them understand the keys to powerful meetings.

better decisions

Strategy is as simple as connecting Point A (our current state) to Point B (our envisioned future). That path is often not simple, however - I work with leadership to help them think, plan & align strategically.

In What Ways Might I Help You?

Most of my work with clients revolves around Strategic Thinking & Planning, and often evolves into the transformative work of Creating Culture on Purpose.

As part of working with executives and management, boards of directors and other groups, I have come to believe in the Wisdom of Teams. Whether we are together for a half-day strategic thinking session or for years of culture change, my focus is to get your team to realize more than even they thought was possible.

Call a consultant when you want an answer.

If you believe - as I do - your team probably has the answer, but maybe has not been asked the right question yet, drop me a line.

the not-so-secret sauce

I use a wide range of creative tools online and in real life, including Visual Listening and Design Thinking, as well as innovative methods to conjure up the timeless skill of Storytelling to help teams make meaning and develop cohesion. When we can all be together, let's explore Think With Your Hands, a workshop powered by LEGO® Serious Play™.

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